Why Re-Elect Beth?

Why Re-Elect Enfield Town Supervisor, Beth McGee?

I began my life in Enfield 40 years ago, and my experiences over that time guide my work as your Town Supervisor, on our Town Board and in the wider community.  The common experiences I share with so many here help me to understand the challenges we face individually and together- and the hope we have to be the best Enfield we can be.

I’ve been a teen mother in Enfield and navigated the challenges of raising a child without transportation. I’ve received Public Assistance, WIC, and Child Health Plus while living in Enfield. I juggled several jobs as a single mom to support myself and my child in Enfield. I was a victim of domestic abuse and have been impacted by loved ones with addiction and mental illness, common challenges in rural communities like Enfield. I started a business cleaning houses and managing properties 25 years ago  and have been doing this work since then. I’ve relied on family and community to help me find my way in Enfield. I obtained a college education after 30 years old.  I married, made my home and raised my family while living in Enfield.  And I will likely never retire, like so many who live in Enfield.

As an activist, I’ve felt the frustration of the slowness of government at the local level- and the victory of overcoming big challenges with the Enfield Community by my side.

As a Town Board member for 3 years, I understood those feelings and worked to ease them for others through listening and learning everything I could on the topics at hand, to best represent the people who trusted me to do the job of Councilperson thoughtfully.

I volunteered to build our Town website (townofenfield.org) because I wanted Enfield to have the best website among local municipalities for information access and connection with our community. Today, we have one of the best local municipal websites in the County and beyond.

As Supervisor, my hands-on approach has led me to do and facilitate much long-needed work to improve our facilities, our finances, and our practices. I’ve responded to resident concerns by advocating for them to the Town Board whenever approached with a concern.

I am a hands-on Town Supervisor. I volunteered my time to clean the Community Building twice a month for over a year, so I could better understand how the building is used and what our needs are in that space.  I personally installed the new toilets in the building to save water and electricity, and painted and upgraded the downstairs space.  When I first became Supervisor, I rode along on a snow-plow route after a heavy winter storm, to better understand from where they sit, the needs of the Highway Dept. When I say hands-on, I mean hands-on.

I’ve maintained a positive working relationship with the Highway Superintendent that has improved services and inventory by saving money and budgeting effectively, which allowed us to decrease the tax rate for 2019 and save $20,000 in finance fees. Our 2020 budget includes funding for new equipment, building a stronger fund balance, and appropriate funding levels to consistently meet our the goals of our new Road Maintenance Plan.  All of this, while still decreasing the tax rate by $ .11 per thousand.

I wrote three grants in my first year as Supervisor, and we were awarded all three- totaling over $410,000- for building upgrades, a municipal solar installation, and a salt storage building that will protect our aquifer, and the watershed downstream. I will seek grant funding for every possible need we qualify for so we can meet our needs without increasing our financial burden.

I’ve implemented cost-saving solutions to some of the highest expenses we have, including finding $50,000 of unnecessary health insurance spending and implemented $12,000 of annual savings on these expenses.

I provide strong leadership in energy and land use concerns. As a founding member of Enfield Neighbors for Safe Air and Water, I have always worked to educate and facilitate discussion about energy use and conservation over the last decade.  I encourage responsible, compatible renewable energy development.

I’ve negotiated agreements that hold organizations such as the Enfield Volunteer Fire Company and Food Pantry-and the Town -accountable to one another like never before. Accountability builds trust with the Public which decreases taxpayer liability and makes our community and its organizations stronger.

My goal is to build a community that makes things happen for us here. I’m not satisfied with being a community that just lets things happen to it, as Enfield has been historically.  We work hard, have housing and education needs for our families, transportation challenges, and barriers to services and information due to inadequate access and infrastructure.  At every opportunity, I make our needs here known to those who have the ability to assist in getting those needs met.

I love waking up each morning in this town. The joy of seeing our rolling hills turn green in Spring or covered with a peaceful blanket of snow  come December reminds me every day why I’ve made my home here and committed to making it the best it can be.

Since becoming Supervisor in January 2018, I’ve completed more than 30 trainings to best prepare me for the work of Town Supervisor.

I hope the  work and experience I’ve listed here make clear who I am, what I stand for, and how important I feel the work of Town Supervisor is.  I value your support.

Beth McGee
Enfield Town Supervisor