Bob Lynch Against Enfield Fracking Ban

Lynch Against Enfield Fracking Ban

Hundreds of residents attended two Public Hearings on the proposal of a Moratorium or Ban in Enfield. Nearly 80 residents spoke at each hearing and only one resident spoke against a ban or moratorium on this terrible industry.

That person was candidate for Enfield Town Councilperson, Robert Lynch.

At Enfield’s “Meet the Candidates” event in June , candidates were asked if they would ever vote to rescind our ban. Each said “no”.

However, one candidate, Robert Lynch, did not support our appeals to the Enfield Town Board to ban these activities when our community was fighting for protection against the gas industry. Lynch implored the Town Board to ignore the overwhelming majority of residents in attendance and your 1000 resident signatures to our petition, and asked the Board NOT to impose a ban in Enfield, not only once, but at two Public Hearings.

Watch his performance here:

He insisted that we should trust NYS, not ourselves, to know what’s best for Enfield, when it took years after our ban for our Governor to do it. Lynch asserted that landowners should be able use their land this way if they wanted, regardless of the impact on their neighbors.

Robert Lynch stated in his declaration of candidacy to the Enfield Democratic Party, “We hold the obligation to listen to your ideas and then vote your preferences. Simple as that.” And “I will—I must—always recognize that you, the citizen, the voter, remains in charge. We must always act as a community, pulling together, and at times compromising, for one another. “

Yet, on his website, he states, “…at times our community may be divided; consensus elusive. At those times, I may have to make tough calls which do not please all of you. Then, I ask that you put your trust in my judgment.”

When he has shown his willingness to ignore the will of the community, should we really “trust his judgment?”

Fracking is still a danger in New York. Governor Cuomo banned fracking through Executive Order because we held him accountable. If he is defeated in an election, any other governor can rescind it. He can even change his mind.

Our local ban prohibits all gas exploration, extraction, and injection of waste, using Home Rule, and has been upheld in the highest courts.

After all we’ve been through, are we willing to take a chance on Robert Lynch’s judgment, on this or any other issue, after the accomplishments we’ve made to protect Enfield in spite of him? Our hard work protecting our community is not over. In fact, it feels like it’s just begun. We’ve learned how to come together and work for our greater good. Where has he been all this time?

Let’s continue our tradition of working together by considering our vote for Enfield Local Government offices very carefully on November 5th. Let’s make it clear that Enfield has the courage to govern and protect our community and beloved rural character.

Vote Beth McGee, Town Supervisor and Stephanie Redmond and Darren McGee, Town Councilpersons on November 5, 2019…With our team serving the Town of Enfield, our ban will remain in place, and we will always act with respect to the needs and concerns of our local community!